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A restaurant and hospitality design team sharing a few of our favorite spaces as well as our own work. We strive to be ambassadors of good design. Come take a look at what you're missing in your own city!Drop by the website for our most recent work;

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  • 06/13/13--06:46: Our Work; Dryhop Brewers
  • Name: Dryhop Brewers
    Location; Chicago, IL
    Designer: Kaper Design, LLC
    Scope of Work: Schematic Design, Design Development, Feasibility studies, Contract Administration,  FF&E Sourcing

    Kaper Design, LLC is proud to announce the opening of Dryhop Brewers. A warm and comfortable space, our design showcases the craft of creating. With an initial concept given by the owner of 'My father's workshop on a good day.', Kaper Design created a space that played homage to the craftsmen and their crafts. Highlighting the woodworking and beer making crafts simultaneously was an exciting challenge and allowed us to get creative with materials and applications. 

    The 50 foot long bar was designed by local carpenter Kevin Hughes and was based off our drawings depicting a stack of lumber. On top of the bar lies a live-edged slab sourced from a single, lightening-struck tree which was urban forested from just miles outside of Chicago. 

    The tables were crafted specifically for Dryhop and feature white oak butcher block tops and cold-welded steel bases designed by us to be simplistic and unobtrusive. While our bar height tables feature steel bases showcasing a modern interpretation of a saw horse. 

    Dryhop Brewers space consists of multiple spaces designed to showcase the brewing process. With custom steel and glass partition walls and black subway tile, both the brewhouse and fermentation room showcase the equipment within and highlight the process behind their great beer.

    Both mens and women's restrooms continue to highlight craftsmen and their craft. Creating a custom wall mural using historic and technical images of the brewing process, history of brewing, and woodworking allowed us to tie these rooms into the overall feel of the brewery and make the diners experience a complete visit. Bathrooms are rounded out with industrial light fixtures, wood framed mirrors and penny tile floors.

    Stop by for a beer and some delicious food the next time you are in Chicago!

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  • 06/26/13--06:30: Chez Dré
  • Name: Chez Dré
    Location: South Melbourne, Australia
    Photography: Erika Hildegard 

    Located down an inconspicuous-looking alley in South Melbourne lies a boulangerie and patisserie. Melbourne based photographer, Erika Hildegard, recently sent us some lovely photographs of their space and we couldn't wait to share. 

    Located in a former warehouse, the space still manages to feel warm and inviting with industrial nods. 

    Designed as a lab, where pastry chef Andrea Reiss could play with flavors and combinations, the space retains the lab-like quality by keeping the shell of the building minimal and placing emphasis on displays and service areas. 

    The touch of green throughout the space adds energy and vibrancy to the otherwise neutral palate and the wood tables, chairs, and coffee bar top all add a touch of rustic warmth. 

    One of my favorite aspects of the space is their use of seating groups and space planing to create various intimate moments within such a large space. 

     All photos © Erika Hildegard

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    Name: Parson's Chicken & Fish
    Location: Chicago, IL

    As a modern take on the classic neighborhood joint, Parson's created a vibrant and fun space that utilizes color, geometric shapes, and clean lines. 

    Located in a classic 70's era building, Parson's plays up the vintage vibe using a minimalist color palate of red, white, and blonde wood. Utilizing the red geometric pattern throughout the space (from the warfront to the packaging) crates cohesion within the space. Both color and pattern create a big visual impact for a small investment. 

    The 283 person patio is outfitted with picnic tables and striped umbrellas and easily makes up for the large U-shaped community booths inside which while maximizing seating, minimize options for the smaller sized groups. 

    Head over and experience the patio and fried chicken on the next warm summer day in Chicago.

    All photos © Clayton Hauck via Weheart

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  • 07/03/13--06:30: King + Duke
  • Name: King + Duke
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Design: Meyer Davis Studio

    Recently opened in Atlanta, King + Duke is the the fourth restaurant in Ford Fry's restaurant family. Playing off of the novel 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' the restaurant is deceptively casual and relaxed and features early American cooking techniques and rustic cuisine. 

    Throughout the space a mix of rustic and refined materials work together to create a curated and timeworn interior. 

    The large circular booths and light wood add contemporary elements while the leather accents and wood paneled walls bring in a rustic element to balance it out. 

    Photos © Sarah Dodge via Eater ATL

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  • 07/08/13--06:30: Rozzi's Italian Canteen
  • name: Rozzi's Italian Canteen
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Design: mim

    Rozzi's is an italian eatery with a focus on fresh, modern cuisine. The interior of the space reflects the menu and features a modern, and vibrant interior. 

    Utilizing a limited color and material palate allows the space to come together easily while the added typography and wording adds an additional creative element.
    I love the use of concrete tiles to tie the yellow and grey through the space while the addition of bookcases adds a homey element emphasizing the desire for diners to feel at ease within the space. 

    The use of subway tiles and wood all keeps the space on trend and hip but I love that they added a few new elements to make the space truly unique and fresh.

    All images via mim design& yellowtrace

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  • 07/10/13--06:30: The Abbot's Cellar
  • Name: The Abbott's Cellar
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Design: Lundberg Design

    The Abbot's Cellar is a well crafted and warm restaurant located in San Francisco. The design stays streamlined and clean, and gives new light to some mainstream trends.

    The voluminous interior is kept warm through the use of large rough hew timbers, and a natural color palate. The warmth of wood balances the cool nature of concrete and stainless and creates a harmonious color scheme that feel relaxed yet pulled together. 

    The use of horizontal run wood slats emphasizes the length of the space and keeps your eye moving through the space as you enter. These slats also help break up the tall walls giving the space a human scale aspect. 

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  • 07/12/13--06:30: Restaurant Communion
  • Name: Restaurant Communion
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    Design: Blazys Gerard

    The intimate space of Restaurant Communion is a great example of utilizing the architecture you are given. The exposed, rough beams and stacked stones become a wonderful backdrop to a handcrafted and slightly rough interior. 

    What I love the most about this space is the authenticity it presents. Nothing is completely pulled together and yet there is just enough cohesion to make it work.

     Utilizing popular and inexpensive materials such as subway tiles and bead-board allow the space a timeless and collected nature while the Navy chairs and exposed builds add a touch of industrial to balance things out. 

    All photos © Blazys Gerard via Jean Sébastien Senécal

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  • 07/17/13--06:30: Clarks Oyster Bar
  • Name: Clark's Oyster Bar
    Location: Austin, TX

    Bright, preppy, and nautical are all thoughts that come to mind when stepping inside Clark's Oyster Bar in Austin, Texas. Being the little brother to Perla's, both spaces are clearly connected but both maintain their own identity and personality. 

    The navy, yellow, and mint color scheme are broth through to every detail creating a cohesive and fun atmosphere. The nautical details used on the menus, table ware, and interior materials all transport you to a seaside, East coast local. 

     Image 4© Statesman
    Images 2, 3, 5 © Remodelista

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  • 07/19/13--06:30: Nights and Weekends
  • Name: Nights and Weekends
    Location: Brooklyn, NY

     Nights and Weekends is a small cuban spot with the classic 'Brooklyn' feel. Warm, inviting, and comfortable are all words that come to mind when thinking about this local spot. 

    I love the patina and texture on the walls as it gives the entire space a vintage/ lived in atmosphere.  The industrial back bar allows for ample storage while enhancing the casual atmosphere. 

    The simple, industrial furnishings give it just a touch of attitude, establishing the perfect laid back and welcoming atmosphere. 

    The triangular footprint of the space means most of the seating can be found along the walls, leaving the interior largely open; a great benefit for late night bar crowds. The space also features large windows opening up to the outside. Vintage stools attached to the exterior allow guests to sit outside while minting the connection to the interior and bar. 

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  • 07/24/13--06:30: Maison
  • Name: Maison
    Location: South Africa

    I love the simplicity and openness that is shown throughout Maison. A winery with a tasting room, deli, and restaurant; all spaces work in harmony but still give a large graphic punch. 

    The use of blonde wood, stark acrylic chairs, and polished white creates an airiness throughout the space. Paired with the worn barn wood, stacked logs, and wine bottle chandelier, each spaces still exuded warmth and remains inviting. 

    The use of furniture and fixtures that are also light and airy in appearance helps extend the open feeling of the space. 

     Images © Weheartco & Maison

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  • 07/26/13--06:30: Contigo
  • Name: Contigo
    Location: Austin, TX

    Located in East Austin, Contigo seeks to be an extension of the owners family ranch. With a rustic and communal vibe, the interior and patio offer up a great dining experience. 

    The expansive patio is filled with communal tables representative of standard picnic tables. Both interior and exterior feature an abundance of wood and rustic refinement while the leather bar height seating adds a visual connection to the traditional ranch.  Contigo does a great job blending the rustic elements found on a traditional ranch with the modern sensibility of Austin's hip dining scene. 

    Image 1 © John Pesina
    Images 2-4 © Contigo

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  • 07/29/13--06:30: The Whale Wins
  • Name: The Whale Wins
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Design/Arch: Heliotrope Architects

    Most commercial and hospitality designers I've had the pleasure of talking with all mention the same thing; It's hard to design for yourself. As a designer, you typically find interest, beauty, and inspiration in multiple styles. This allows us to design spaces across the board for whatever our clients are looking for, or need, to make their space a success. This is a great skill to have as a designer but it usually means your own space is a bit of a mash up of styles and explorations. I myself am included in this generalization and am constantly on the look out for a style that might perfectly suit my family and current space. The Whale Wins is the closest I've found to anything I could call my own personal style. 

    The space is the perfect balance of coastal charm, scandinavian lightness, and industrial warmth.  
    An inviting trio in any book. 

    Keeping the space bright and white allows for a space with a simplistic, feminine quality while the the stacked lumber, and exposed beams add a touch of warmth.

    The simplistic light fixtures add a touch of humor and fun to the space creating the warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

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  • 07/31/13--06:30: Local 360
  • Name: Local 360
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Graphic Design: Sleep Op

    Another great spot in Seattle is Local 360. Located in the Belltown neighborhood, it focus on locally sourced, sustainable fare. The interior follows creating a rustic and warm interior using barn wood,  vintage style pendants, and intimate spaces for diners.

    The use of multiple wood types creates a warm, rustic, and trendy interior while the marble counters and tolex-esq chairs add balance by adding polished, industrial touches.

     Photos ©  Local 360 & Sleep Op

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  • 08/05/13--06:30: Lowbrau Bierhalle
  • Name:Lowbrau Bierhalle
    Location: Sacramento, CA
    Graphic Design: Band

    Lowbrau bierhalle is a modern interpretation of the traditional German Beer Hall. I love that they took a traditional concept, reinterpreted it for their local, and created a space that refreshingly different while still playing homage to the original. 

    The rustic interior features hits of reflective gold, elevating the rustic and causal interior. Utilizing graphic design and their pig and crown logo helps tie in the gold accents while still paying tribute to the traditional concept. 

    By understanding the importance of the interior and branding within their space, Lowbrau was able to create a upbeat and fun execution of a historical concept. 

    All photos © Band

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  • 08/07/13--06:30: Mart 130
  • Name: Mart 130
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Photography: Erika Hildegard Photography(If you are in Australia, I encourage you to check out her amazing range of work.)

    Mart 130 has to be one of the best examples I've seen recently of a comfortable and established cafe maintaining a well curated interior. When Erika's images landed in my inbox I couldn't help but get excited. Rarely do you find the blend of well loved antiques that is also still pulled together and edited. 

    Using vintage and antique pieces, paired with a nautical and industrial undercurrent, Mart 130 creates a cohesive blend of worn comfort and bright openness. 

    Utilizing red, aqua, black, and blue throughout the multiple seating areas ties the entire space together without needing to match everything. This allows the space to remain cohesive while each room still maintains it's own identity. 

    I love the bright back patio featuring painted, dark wood and slat ceiling, you could easily sit for hours.

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  • 08/09/13--06:30: J.G. Domestic
  • Name: J.G. Domestic
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Design: Unknown

    J.G. Domestic, another space from well known chef and restauranteur Jose Garces, is the definition of modern farmhouse. Rustic timber sits alongside lush foliage and modern lines to create an updated take on tradition. 

    Plaid fabric covers, reclaimed wood, and steel all work together giving the traditional farmhouse/rustic feeling. 

    While the openness, clean lines, and simplicity all add the touch of modern that takes the concept toward trendy and now. 

    Photos © J.G. Domestic & Ahra Lee

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  • 08/12/13--06:30: Our Work; Press

  • We are thrilled to share a recent article, written and photographed by The Niche, showcasing Kaper Design, LLC.

    Head over to The Niche website, check it out, and give both of our Facebook pages a bit of love while you're at it! We really appreciate all of the support from friends, family, foodies, and design lovers. 

    Photos © The Niche

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  • 08/16/13--11:52: Cafe Plenty
  • Name: Cafe Plenty
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Design: II BY IV DESIGN

    Cafe Plenty uses a neutral color palate, natural materials, and graphic design to create a memorable and fresh cafe interior. 

    While limited in color, there are no shortage of rich details and textures that add warmth and depth to the interior. 

    Layering beveled edge tile, breadboard, rustic wood, and metal creates a welcoming environment that remains fresh, open, and bright. 

    Utilizing creative graphic design and signage, the windows keep views into the space open while clearly telling those passing what lies behind the glass. 

    Utilizing natural materials highlights the natural food and beverage offerings while custom bar height counters keeps the narrow space open and traffic flowing through. 

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  • 08/19/13--06:30: Abattoir
  • Name: Abattoir
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Design: Unknown

    With a name French for 'slaughterhouse', Abattoir did a great job providing an interior that contrasts it's name while simultaneously providing nods to the spaces meat packing past. 

    Warm and industrial, the interior kept it's existing brick structure relatively intact, hiding it only by a neutral coat of paint. Within the space, the bar is defined by worn wood partitions, curtains, and colorful barstools. 

    The relatively raw main dining space beckons back to its meat packing days while it's neutral and industrial palate to allow the space to firmly establish itself in the present. 

    Photos 1,3,5 © Sarah Dorio
    Photos 2,4,6 @ Thrillist

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  • 08/21/13--08:06: Rawduck
  • Name: Rawduck
    Location: Hackney, London
    Design: Unknown

    Rawduck, the sister restaurant to London's widely known Ducksoup, is delightfully raw and simple. The wonderful use of concrete and metal come together to create a space that is open and fresh.  

    With a clean and fresh interior, Rawduck has created a slight spin on the very popular industrial interior. Simple materials, clean lines, and unpretentious execution all foster a fresh, raw space. 

    I love the poured concrete bar and tables, as it is a material I believe too often overlooked. It's versatility  and rich texture add a wonderful feel to the space, while the scalloped/crimped edge along the bar is a great example of the level of detail you can easily achieve. 

    Photos © We heart Co

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